The Fuchsia

I usually make the joke about the fuchsia's so bright but not today. The fuchsia's all seems to be up in the air today!

We were quite lucky today. We had a letter a couple of weeks ago advising that the electricity supply would be off from 9 am to 3.30 pm and had prepared to go out somewhere and have lunch rather than sit in a dull house with no heating AND no internet! It seemed that they were having to arrange insulated cables because of our neighbour's tree that was close to the power lines. Just after nine a man in a yellow jacket knocked on the door and said that they had been able to arrange the jumpers so that our power wouldn't need to go off. Yippee!

Still we had sat down and written all our Christmas cards which we didn't seemed to have got to before. We also went down to the Post Office to send some parcels and stuff and post the cards so that's a job well done. That apart, there's been a lot of other stuff to deal with today which will come out later.

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