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Squeezed Sun

I managed a trip today for the first time in 29 days; I had had a cold that would not leave me, then the weather was unsuitable on Tuesday but I managed to get up today.

I nearly didn't.  I was about to authorise the morning flight and make the last administrative checks (the "outbrief") before signing for the aircraft when i received a call from a distraught lady whom I've known for over 40 years.  She had had a discussion about a refurbished building on our property with Building Control; they had sounded stern about our retrospective application and had threatened to "expose surfaces" in their quest for the truth about our refurbishment. She did not have the information that they required; I did.  So I cancelled my trip, leaving the student to another instructor and drove home.  The inspectors arrived, were perfectly amiable in their thoroughness and left with smiles and reassurances.  So I drove back to the airfield and flew the student on his second trip of the day, a navigation sortie.

It was very fine: the student was good, the weather equally so, air traffic control very helpful and the landing safe.  Hurrah!

These shots are of the lovely Fens scenery from the aircraft, and one of the instruments, because GG might want to track the trip.

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