Who Be Dere?

back blip by a day...all caught up now...

I'm not sure what distracted this Acorn woodpecker but rather than use a boring shot of him facing the tree, I decided to use him turning the other cheek.  After so many years, ya get a bit weary posting the same ol' thing.

When Verizon set up my new phone, about 40% of my contacts didn't transfer.  When I tried to enter a new or replacement number, it wouldn't save.  I went into the store.  No help.  I called Verizon.  No help.  I called Apple yesterday morning but after an hour and a half, he couldn't figure out the problem.  His solution was for me to get a call back from someone later on, just in case the iPhone decided to repopulate the contacts on its own.  At 7 pm, a very nice woman from Apple, working out of Australia, had the issue resolved in about three minutes.  From now on, I'm going to request my calls be transferred Down Under!

This morning I got my Verizon bill which was huge.  So I called and expressed my outrage at their incompetence and how inconvenienced I was for over a week.  She took $40 off of my bill.  Squeaky wheel.

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