By flavia13


Don't you just love technology!!!!  I typed this all up once already and added the pictures then the computer had a blip and I lost it all.  I then couldn't get back into Blip so I had to shut down the computer, which then needed upgrades, this has taken 45 minutes eeeeeeekkkkkk aaarrrggghh!!!

Calm now.

Anyway it was my darling hubby's 69th birthday today (sshhh don't tell anyone) so our friend who is staying with us from Edinburgh, and I took him for an afternoon tea at The Villa Hotel in Levens, Cumbria.  He had mentioned previously that he fancied this (unusual 'cos he's normally a bah humbug type of person).

The food was great, the only problem is today they had a large wedding party, a dinner party as well as resident diners and others, in pairs, having afternoon tea.  This meant that, for some reason, they squished three of us onto a small round table so everything was a bit tight which meant I couldn't get the photographs I wanted.  It also meant gettingout into the lovely lounge and reception areas was impossible, queues for the ladies.  

The photo isn't great, due to the lack of space I couldn't really get the photos I wanted, but I still captured a little of it.

Having said all that the service didn't really suffer, it just felt a big rushed.  What did annoy me a little was on the table next to us were two ladies (Mum and daughter I'm guessing) who were sat on a table for 4 and had enough space to put their handbags on the table!!!!!  They spent all their time on their I-phones (Mum was about my age so not a young persons thing at all).  I know I'm old fashioned but if I'm out have a meal, drinks or afternoon tea with anyone I'd rather spend my time talking to them personally, perhaps it's just me!!!

Anyway the afternoon was very nice, don't know what made it festive, apart from one turkey and cranberry sandwich and a mini mince pie, but it was all delicious all the same.

I would recommend anyone going but do check first of all to find out whether there are any other events on at the same time.  I will certainly do so and wouldn't want to go again with a wedding party on.

The extras photo is of the view as we left the hotel.  The sun was already turning red and beginning to go down at 3.15 this afternoon, very nice.

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