By dreaming

Slogging away

Working hard to finally put the calendar together.  I had to fit the months onto the image pages, which required a ridiculous amount of moving, backtracking, changing font sizes, not to mention deciding which picture should go with which month.  I think I'm nearly there.  It's a good thing that taking care of Minkelina is my only real responsibility because this has taken over my life, as usual.

I received in the mail several vouchers to get $10 off on fruits and vegetables at Safeway, part of the same program that provided the farmers market vouchers this summer.  So I headed off to my local store and selected several things that normally would not make it into my cart because of the high price.  When I got to the checkout, I showed the coupon to the cashier and she said, "We don't accept those."  Apparently they are only good within the Seattle city limits, and this store is just north of the city line.  So back went all the groceries and I will have to find another store in which to use the coupons.  What makes this particularly frustrating is that I never shop in Safeway- I just don't like their stores.  But in order to get this benefit, I have to do it.  It will be nice to get $50 worth of produce for free.

Here is a display on the fourth floor, obviously the abode of someone with a horticultural bent.  The Extra is of another doorway on that floor, much more to my liking.

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