Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Pyjama Party: Silly Saturday

When I went downtown marketing this morning, I saw posters everywhere for Pyjama buses! How exciting! A Pyjama Party! I dashed back home to try on the pyjamas I might wear. I thought they were definitely enhanced by my monster slippers (or are they cross-eyed cats?) They do have magic powers of allowing the wearer to walk on ceilings!
Shall I wear my lavender PJs or the turquoise and mauve ones? I've got a crush on the lavender ones at the moment!

tl_pyjama means: transport Lausannois pyjamas. It's a poster which announces buses throughout the night every weekend.

I wonder if I should take a midnight snack with me and a snug blanket? There's an icy wind blowing today and maybe snow flurries tonight! Maybe I should wear thermal underwear under my PJs too!

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