Immersed in a good book. And Eddie is staring at Flo's craftswomanship* in painting the My Little Pony by the fire (see extra).

It's Saturday morning and we are all relaxing by a log fire in from the cold. Florence's bike ride lasted all of 5 minutes before she rushed back into the warm - and who can blame her.

Jane comes over occasionally to help look after the babies and she has quickly become part of the family. You can see that the dog has taken to her and the three children all think that she's great.

Home now. Must dash, I've got to make the G&T's because Strictly is just starting. Joe's going to win. Betcha.

* The  auto spellchecker immediately put this back to "craftsmanship" and I had to fight it. Makes you wonder, eh?

Oh, and by the way - that's the twins in the background photo.

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