By iaint

Erica & Jurgis

I’ve had the usual Saturday of two halves. 

A busy first half and then a lazy relaxing second half.

After I’d finished my shopping at the farm shop, I had my usual cappuccino and scone - a cheese one this time. As usual at 10:00, the scone was still warm from the oven. Timing is everything…

As usual I had my copy of The National with me to read. Angus Robertson’s column was of interest as he’s spent the week in Germany talking Brexit and Scottish independence. He quotes several leading German politicians on the subject, but the one I liked most is from the chair of the Bundestag committee on European Affairs, Gunther Krichbaum:-

The EU will consist of 28 member states, as I expect a new independence referendum in Scotland, which will then be successful. We should respond quickly to an application for admission from the EU-friendly country”   

That is not nebulous. 

The cold (by Scottish standards) weather made me start to think about my packing list for my year end trip. In turn, that made me think of this.

minus 9

Maybe I can borrow Jurgis’ hat for a week.

No symbolism intended by the song title. None at all. Really. 

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