By ArcLight

Party feet

It turned out I knew the owner (or perhaps better operator) of these shoes. But I didn't realise that when I took a sneaky shot.

I was at hazelh and Mr hazelh's party. Plenty of blip and book group folk, as well as a few other people I knew, or knew of. C, whose feet these are, is one of the Belles on Bikes leaders. In fact, she co-led the first ride I went on. It was great to catch up. I haven't seen her since before my operation. She's had a career change, in the mean time. While my life has been pretty quiet ;-)

Earlier on, on a bitterly cold and grey day which threatened snow but eventually produced rain and wind (Storm Deidre...) I went to a sort of yoga thing at the gym, proving to myself yet again how useless I am at that sort of thing. Which probably means I should do more of it, because it's good for me. I'm enjoying my 12 days for £12 offer. I've already been 4 times, including two swims. That means I'm already well and truly quids in. I wonder if they'll do another offer in January.

The afternoon was really useful for catching up. I feel that at least my to do list is in good order. If that's the case, I feel less like a rabbit in the headlights.

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