And then we suddenly live in a white world. Wow.
Yesterday evening in the news the weather forecasts predicted some snow during the night, starting in the south west of the Netherlands.
And since I live in the (far) north I didn't give it much thought. By the time it would be here it certainly would have changed into warm water already.

But then I opened the bedroom curtains at 8.00 am....totally white!
A quick shower later I was outside with Daan and Spike at my side for a nice winter walk in the Biesummer-forest. Great!
We walked for about an hour. Spike loved it. Despite his 12 years he rushed through the snow like a puppy. Great fun to watch.

After lunch I took my drone up for a helicopter view over the area I live in.
It's the first time I fly in these conditions so I didn't want to fly long and much, so just a short flight straight up and down was all I wanted to try.

With doing so I can now show you a view from about 100 meters above my house, facing east.

This weather surely boosts the Christmas spirit. Too bad the weather forecasts now predict a temperature of 5C tomorrow. Warm water after all..

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