I've been in my photo blind (set up yesterday) for a little while this afternoon mostly to discover if it is what I hoped for.

Partially it is, but it's far from perfect. Actually I've to solve 4 problems:
- I need another chair;
- I'm too close to the birds;
- There are too many disturbing branches in my view;
- There's a tree trunk in the tent that is annoying.

So, bottom line wille be that I'll be searching for another place to set my tent. But where? The best place would me on my lawn, but I'm too keen on that.
Well, I'll sleep over it a night, or two, or three...

This morning Richard came by  for coffee. He had his drone with him, so after the coffee we went to the Biesummerbos nearby and flew for a while. The light wasn't great but we just wanted to fly. It's been a few weeks already and to keep the batteries good you have to use them every now and then. Everything was ok, we both had our drones high up and away when suddenly Richards phone went black. Instant panic!!
What to do? He hit the home button on his controller and after a while we heard it heading for its homepoint, buzzing above our heads.
It landed perfectly at our feet.
I flew a bit more and then hit my home button as well.

All and all a nice easy-going-Saturday.

Meanwhile Annemarie is doing well in Leeuwarden at the Charles Dickens Christmas fair. She'll be hitting her home button later this evening. I'm expecting her to arrive home around midnight.

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