tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Spotted in the woods

The rain didn't let up during my walk, water droplets quivered on all the twigs, brown rivulets ran though the grass and  every cows' hoof print brimmed over.

This coral spot fungus brightened  one fallen branch. It's mainly saprophytic (lives on rotten wood) and the colour variations indicate  the reproductive stage of the blobs.

Fungi that break down wood are essential because without them we wouldn't be able to move for fallen trees and branches. They thrive in damp conditions. In the cloud forest of Costa Rica, climate change is affecting the unique balance of life in this very fragile ecosystem, according a report today from a scientist who has spent her working life studying the forest canopy. The changes in the weather, which result more dry spells interspersed with heavy rains, have altered the humidity levels in the forest as well as having knock-on effects for the country's economy. It makes a sobering read.

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