Pictorial blethers

By blethers


We drove to the original Loch Fyne restaurant this lunchtime to celebrate my pal's significant birthday - drove over roads that still had vestiges of yesterday's snow and through mountains that were distinctly white under a blue sky. If we hadn't had a date to attend, I'd have been out of the car several times to take photos; as it was I had to shoot nearly all of them on the move, with the fine knitting of the heated windscreen getting in the way. This one was taken through the door window, so lacks the pattern but makes up for it by the blurred foreground bushes of a 30mph passage.

But I couldn't resist these brightly coloured mooring buoys on the glassy surface of Loch Eck at the Coylet Inn. Loch Eck often looks simply black, but today it was lustrous.

And though I only have eight extra photos left and a fortnight of the year to use them in, I'm going to sacrifice two for other aspects of the day. One is of the hill down into Sandbank, with the snowy bulk of the hills of Glen Mason and Ben Mhor at the head of the Holy Loch; the other is of the last light over Loch Fyne as we emerged from our meal some time after 4pm. 

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