By Veronica

Sea view

I was a bit lax about taking photos today. We walked into town (a longer trek than from our previous haunt), and this is the view from the 10th-floor terrace at the Helios hotel. It has a spa, which is why we took the lift up there to check it out. Looks like a good spot for a sundowner too.

Since it's Monday the town was not lively, but the tourist office was open, so we picked up various programmes for what's on -- as usual the Casa Cultural has a full programme. Home for a light lunch of pan con tomate, an afternoon of idling (still not 100% over this cold), an early evening apero, dinner cooked by S, including his signature ensalada tropical featuring locally grown mango and avocado. We found the house a bit chilly compared to the outdoor temperature, but S has the woodburner sussed now, and owner Beatriz called round to give us the number of the man who sells aged olive wood -- 15 euros per wheelbarrow full apparently.

Mystère has been consoled with roast chicken and shown the garden. He is interested in the many tiny birds flitting around in the bushes ...

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