By Veronica

This'll do!

Lunch at our happy place, La Barraca on the beach at Cantarrijan. We weren't hardy enough to sit outside, but some people were -- there were even some naked torsos, though I didn't see anyone brave the waves.

Back home we chilled out for the rest of the afternoon and were just considering an early evening stroll and apero when all the lights went out. Luckily S had just succeeded in lighting the woodburner, and he'd also just fetched his camping gear from the car, so we had some matches and one tea light. After half an hour we decided to go out and investigate, so poor Mystère got locked in alone again. We quickly established that the entire barrio was in darkness, street lights and all, so we had a leisurely stroll along the seafront, catching the last of the sunset. 

Back at the house we prepared to spend the evening reading to each other by the light of iphones (romantic!), but then the power came back on, rendering blipping possible.

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