Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Shopping Center

The beginning of the day was good with our walk and a catch up coffee for me with a good friend I haven’t seen for awhile..probably the ONLY person I know that doesn’t own a mobile phone of any kind!  Gotta love her. 
Then…….Finally…. just had to do it.     Hoping Monday was not as bad as the weekend.   A trip to a shopping center.   A full up parking garage with cars roaming and looking for spaces.   But we got one and did our 4 errands, fairly efficiently.   (there’s no deviating from the plan with H!)… including more ink for the printer (always a shock, but heck, I use it a’s “art”)., scotch, some pharmacy items and the grocery store for things I just couldn’t get elsewhere.   
Then home to work on those projects.  Happy.

The condo party was good.  got to talk with new people moving in... new blood!  One was the bride to be of one of our residents who has been a widower..this is very nice!


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