Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Blooms and Lights

Another dinner out tonight with some neighbors  at a favorite neighborhood restaurant….I thought I didn’t much need it but we had a really fun time.  Especially after spending too much time in the day on airlines websites trying to figure out a future trip (have to revisit that later with the new info!) and then steeling myself for another chat with Adobe to fix the photoshop update that won’t work…which I had given up on when I went out to dinner but am pleased to see upon returning that it actually worked!  The other failure for the day…trying to program our next door neighbor's automatic outdoor lights to come on at dusk and go off at dawn.,.about our 10th try… I hesitate to even look in the am!   It's so disappointing to look at 8:30 AM and see the lights is still on!    We’ve done it many many times before…how can we be so dumb now?

Dinner was great but the photos weren’t ,   so you get my blooming viburnum tree in front of our condo, decked with christmasy lights.   (Here’s the funny part:  one of tonights dinner companions in the neighborhood,..told me that “someone” had put up these awful voluminous Christmas lights NEXT DOOR to me …(we did do it for our unit and next door) …  so I had to tell her that it was ME!    ( End of that topic...) ) We like them this dark time of year.   What do you think?      

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