TOO soon+Afterthought.

TOO soon for new Year:-
A year or several ago, I heard of a custom (Spanish I think) whereby folk crammed a grape into their mouth for every chime of Midnight on N.Y. eve.
The coin BTW is my usual "sizer" 10P piece = $0.25¢
Recently I've been spoiling myself with the odd punnet of grapes. Usually not this size; BUT to test the theory I had to try:-
total = four, had I tried for a fifth I'd possibly have ended up either swallowing or inhaling one whole. (Remember the Thai Peanut episode?)
After thought:-
I remember, way back in the Hists of Mistory, paying the princely sum of £1.20 for 1/4lb of Lychees, in Maryport, prior to moving over here in1978.
This 200gm=a tidgey bit over 7 oz. which = about £1 for the 1/4lb. 
I'd say I was right thinking £1.20 was a lot, but prepared to risk it for something new, which I knew I liked anyway, from Chinese Restaurant meals.

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