Reading Boy

Another full to the brim day. 

Amongst other things, Allegra's playgroup Nativity at which Deb, her Mum, was the speaker, excellent talk about Jesus being the light in the darkness, after which all the kids got given a small battery light to hold. Allegra, in typical fashion, had obviously refused to don the shepherd costume; she liked her pink tutu a lot better, so the only clue was a small lamb which she swung round enthusiastically.

Then Paul played guitar for carols for the church lunch club, along with two others on violins, a flute, and a singer.

And then, as I was making dinner for everyone, discovered that Zion can actually read quite well, so pleased!

Dinner was the first meal that the whole family was actually together, so we began a discussion re the future of our house...

Advent reading was from the first chapter of Matthew, verse 21 has the angel telling Joseph in a dream:

You will name him Jesus—‘God saves’—because he will save his people from their sins.

And well we need it. Someone to save us from the aggressions, bitter words, corruption on all sides, indifference to evil and to the pain of others, from the many idols promising easy happiness. We well need someone to save us from our sins.

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