Lost in Thought

By steveng

Blipmeet Reflections (widwed191218)

A pre-Christmas blip meet at Baddesley Clinton organised by Hildasrose.

Hidasrose, SHH, Technopobe, Loose Canon and I met up for coffee,  took the first timed tickets for a tour of the house and enjoyed a good and varied lunch.  We mostly discussed family Christmas intentions, didn't put the world to rights, and only only mentioned the B-word omnishambles once.  Great company as ever.  This view of the house reflected in the moat might be popular ...

The inside of the house is decorated for Christmas and looks attractive, plenty of the history still on display following the theme of four women who lived there at different times.

Thanks to Bobsblips for hosting Wide Wednesday, I should have checked on the theme for Wide Wednesday before I left,  but at least I remembered to take the wide angle lens.

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