By Viewpoint

A fantastic end to a wonderful day

Our Osteria host came up trumps yesterday evening and we enjoyed another wonderful meal. The food was excellent (not cheap and not helped by the plunge in the value of the pound) but you are only 70 once!

A full day yesterday beginning with a vaporetto trip to Torcello via Murano. At the moment the Byzantine mosaic is undergoing a full scale restoration so is covered in scaffolding. Fascinating to watch but they do could have made so much more of the event with better information, maybe a video playing and even a book. Think of all the opportunities to help Venetian children understand about conservation, let alone tourists. You are not allowed to take photographs so can't even bring back a photographic memory.

However, the weather was sublime, with bright blue sky all day. Stopping off in Murano was a little like returning home and it was good to have a short walk around the place.

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