I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Backyard in Order

The landscapers were here yesterday and took out a big bush that was blocking our view from the living room. They did the first bit of cleaning in the yard. I couldn't stay inside this afternoon and got the decorations in their places. Bunker is loving this big backyard as much as I am! 

I saw a hummingbird this morning. I have a feeder out so I am hoping that they will discover it soon. I also put out a feeder for the other birds. No pigeons here, so let the good times roll!  

The past three days I have seen a road runner going through the yard. Bunker was out once and it didn't seem to be worried about sharing the yard with this new intruder. Can't wait to capture it with the camera.

We have had people in and out for the past few days. There is a lot of little things that need fixing, but for the most part, all is good. 

A couple neighbors have stopped by to welcome us. Everyone is so nice!

I got my car registered. It only took half an hour and the fee was a third of what we paid in Las Vegas. Our insurance is going down drastically as well.

The people who built this house must have been really tall. The kitchen cupboards are so high, I can only access the bottom shelves, the rest of them I will have to have a step stool for access. Thankfully, most of my things work in the bottom shelves.

I am still pinching myself. It felt like home the minute we stepped inside. There is no regrets on our snap decision. I am grateful that I have the rest of my life to get things in their proper places.

I think I can safely say...until tomorrow.....

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