By loisbiz

In the Misty Distance

I didn't leave the house today. I didn't have little Ellie so I got to work on the year end financial stuff for the business.....I always put it off until I have to do it....but the guys have all gotten in their reports early so I can get going earlier than usual! Nice.

I saw this large red tailed hawk sitting on the fairway of the golf course with a golfer quickly approaching it as he walked toward the green.......he just sat there and let the golfer pass within a few feet......amazing!!! But when I walked out with my camera off he flew to this branch......way across two fairways. I took the shot.....it isn't great but I rather liked it. It shows the overcast day we had today. Not too cold, but kind of misty.

Technically the Hawk was shopping for his lunch.....so he might fit the theme of "shoppers" for Wide Angle Wednesday?

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