By Viewpoint

The Grand Canal Edited

Taken on the 17th December and edited today.  It’s not my usual practice to share an older image and usually take a new photo or leave a gap these days.  I’ve always found it difficult to take photos when I’m in the middle of editing so I decided to break my rule.  (I think Blipfoto has become more relaxed about this since the early days.)

So I’ve downloaded all my Venice images to my computer and begun the important  process of sifting and rejecting (though I haven’t rejected too many so far). I’ve got some themes running through my images this time and I’m hoping that first of all I can put together sets that I can share via my website and then I’d like to make another Venice book, which I think will be very different to the first one I created.

Leaving photos aside, I needed to put washing in the machine and dryer (it’s was raining this morning) and to follow this up with a trip to Fox Valley to stock up on fruit, veg and other groceries.  We also came away with fish (haddock) so I need to go and cook shortly.  I’m not sure I mentioned the delicious Ricciola that we ate in the small restaurant behind our hotel.  I’m not sure it will be up to that standard, but the haddock looked very fresh and I’m sure it will be good.

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