By chantler63

Jackdaw Zoom

I am still considering which zoom lens (if any) which will go beyond the reach of my 40-150 (=80-300).  I have ordered a secondhand Olympus 75-300 to see how that performs.  I am able to return it for a full refund within 14 days so I will endeavour to give it a fair trial on both the Olympus and Panasonic G5 cameras.  It is very light, which is to its advantage, but may not have the quality results expected.  This is a passing Jackdaw that landed in the oak tree.

Also today I picked up through Ebay another G5 converted for infrared - if this does the job then I can use my current lenses with it.  Hoping for sun tomorrow to try out the IR.

Mum had a good day yesterday but is very poorly today - we picked the right day to visit.  Her care home is quite pragmatic about it and phoned to say what was happening.  Her body is starting to swell up which is, so I've been told, indicative of the body starting to shut down.

Brother and I are hoping for a gentle fading away rather than anything dramatic - but Mum is nearly 92 and has kept going against all the odds - so who knows what will happen.

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