The converted IR camera arrived yesterday so today I was keen to play with it.  Conditions were less than ideal with little greenery around and averagely bright conditions  but it was better than grey skies and rain! I practised a little at home photographing two mugs - one had a blue pattern on it and the other was mostly red.  The blue only showed up very faintly whilst the red was completely blocked out and appeared as a white mug.  That will be a fun blip for another day.

We went for a walk in Wendover Woods - largely beech trees so not much greenery around at this time of year.  I do like the naked shapes of trees and, looking up to capture a passing plane heading outward on its journey, was challenging.  

Processing the images is interesting as, even with a camera conversion done, there is a fair bit of Lightroom and/or Photoshop involved as the images don't come right SOOC.  Great fun and will be brilliant out of the winter season.

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