By dfb24

A bit crowded....

To me, this is the polar opposite of Wednesdays' blip. The house and yard belong to one of our neighbors--they live on the block behind ours--& they get a lot of foot traffic in front of their home because people want to see where all the light is coming from.  They add to the display each year, and I have to admit that many of the other people on their block have started putting up decorations too, so they've got a very well lit & Christmas-y looking street!  I don't love the blow up decorations--it's not that I have anything against them, but sometimes less is more.......Mae, on the other hand, strongly disagrees. Upon standing in front of this house, taking in the general splendor, she loudly declared (& I quote) "I LOVE this!!  Grandma, we should have some for OUR house!"       I think not. :)))

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