By wellsforzoe

Kevin's Pump

17th December 2018:

Kevin Dalferth from Germany has been a revelation of what the right person in the right place can achieve in a place like Malawi.

His parents have been supporting Wells for Zoe almost from the beginning, then he takes a career break from teaching and arrives like a whirlwind, accompanied of course by Cristina who herself has made an enormous impact in terms of her own skills in computing and journalism and who is an accountant back in Mallorca.

Kevin took a look at our pump, took it apart and did a re-design covering issues around some problems of sustainability. The various innovations have been tried and tested, examined and redesigned and now we have the newly designed final  version on show here.
It will be easier and faster to manufacture and install and will cover the
all the small issues discovered by our servicing team.
A recent test in the deepest well we could find, at 24 meters deep, it delivered the same volume of water as it does at 6 meters, which gives us great confidence going forward with deeper wells.

This pump was funded by his class in school, back in Germany and they will be so delighted to hear of the unique  input he had in this new design.

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