Howard/Gibbs/Dixon Christmas Celebrations

I woke with a start this morning - I dreamt that I got into a lift and all the lights went out. I was bashing the walls to try and find the buttons to open the door but there weren't any there - it was horrible. So I woke up!

Well we were up at 8 anyway, with a busy day ahead. Everyone was dressed, breakfasted and car packed up by 10. We headed to Hoddesdon arriving at 12.45 where a cup of tea was waiting for us!

A quick change, dog settled we drove over to Manda's in Ware - where we've been ever since! We've had lots of lovely food, board games, presents and a generally nice family day. The photo is minus me - but I can't do a selfie to fit in 12 - and you know what I look like!

Merry Christmas from the Howard/Gibbs/Dixon clan to all our friends and family across the country and around the world.

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