By Stella2

Barn Owl

A trip into Exeter on the day before Christmas Eve day wasn't on the plan but we realised that we needed one more present for a nephew that is visiting.  Fortunately it was a quick trip into the centre before the shops were too busy.  We found the present and then realised we could get a similar item for our son and son-in-law, so it was a good move.  We came across a small stall concerned with looking after Raptors where three owls were on display, one of which was enormous.  I chose this rather cute Barn Owl for today's blip.

Both our son and daughter arrived later today.  He drove all the way and is unfortunately suffering from a cold.  That always seems to happen when you are working as soon as you stop around Christmas you come down with a cold.  At least he can put his feet up and be looked after for awhile.

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