Pictorial blethers

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Greater and lesser ...

This has been such a full day in terms of beauty, emotion, exhaustion - a day when I didn't take too many photos, and yet find myself with three different images to share in representation of it. The moon over the Firth of Clyde is the source of my title: we fill our world at this time of year with lights in the darkness, and in the photo you can see the lights of the supermarket car park to the left, the sweep of the promenade street lights, the tiny red glow of the ill-fated Christmas tree on the end of the coal pier, the projected lights on the house on the right -  and yet dominating them all the plain white light of the moon and its path of light on the black sea.

My two extra photos show the carol service this afternoon; a chorister's eye view taken as we sang the final hymn. We sang well; the readers read with clarity and confidence; people came and sang the hymns with gusto and burst into applause after Mr PB's closing voluntary which raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I'm immensely proud of our little church in this period of interregnum; we've all kept the flame burning brightly despite the difficulties of having no-one at the helm and I'm personally grateful for all the contributions to the metaphorical fire.

My other extra is of the fog that hovered over the other side of the Firth for much of the day. At one point it looked to be encroaching on the Argyll coast, as tendrils felt their way down the golf course and into the Holy Loch, but it stayed clear and cold and lovely. A lovely final Sunday of Advent. 

And so to bed ...

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