Christmas joy

Granny Gill made fudge with Max and Gulliver this morning, it is absolutely delicious and I had to put it all away in a tin to stop myself picking at it. Max drove Gill back to Sussex, the traffic was abominable so he was gone for several hours.

Erin visited today! I had lunch with her and Gulliver and we opened presents, Gulliver gave her this lovely slanket with a wolf head and a Christmas bauble with an angel and a light inside it and some plants, she was delighted with everything, we gave her a record books and I gave her five LPs of musicals which I had duplicates of and she was very pleased with that too. She bought Gulli two Sid Barrett albums and lots of sweets And some toiletries, it was really really sweet being with them both on their first Christmas.

Max came home and we had a lovely dinner together, I made a vegan Chili.

Lola was ill so not able to come over so Janette took her place at the cinema, I bought us all tickets for Mary Poppins returns unfortunately Zebedee didn’t like it and left 2/3 of the way through without saying goodbye, I’m sure Max didn’t like it either as he spent a lot of his time on his phone which I found really distracting, I was really disappointed in both of them that they couldn’t just try to be polite and pleasant about it. Afterwards Max said he had a bad stomach. Anyway the rest of us really liked it, I suppose it was a risk but to be honest I’ve spent so much of my life watching male orientated films with them I had hoped that maybe just this once they might be able to do something that I chose at Christmas... Not a mistake that I will be making again.

Anyway apart from all of that I really liked the film and I thought the music and songs were excellent.

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