Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Swedish Limpa

Had to think about Christmas today!  The family will be here tomorrow night—we need to eat dinner but it’s crazy..there are so many different diets for only 10 people, including 4 picky children, that there has to be a big variety.    The daughters in law are now deciding what they can bring.    I’ll make a FEW (fake) meatballs as is our Swedish Xmas Eve tradition.  Also today I made the Limpa bread..Swedish rhy.   One of these years I’m going to stop.  This might be the last.  :-)   I’m sure it will work out somehow but I’ll be glad to be on the other side of Christmas.     The cross-stitching is from someone in the family long ago but I don't know who,....
It will be interesting to see how my pile of children’s books goes over this year… (H is betting NOT well...we'll see...Fiona wants to be a writer and illustrator, this week. )   I buy them for the art and well as the subject, but they are BOOKS not screens.  I let them pick (no wrapping, except for the family camp Blurb book) ….my favorite this year is “Radioactive, Marie and Pierre Curie. A tale of Love and Fallout," by Lauren Redniss with wonderful drawings, including lots of cyanotypes (I know them as blueprints..)  "  Here are a few of the pages..some of the blueprints are then hand colored.    My Dad used to make blueprints for our Christmas cards..

Wishing everyone that celebrates a happy holiday…..

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