Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Merry Christmas Eve

A good time was had by all —look at all that “red!”   This is what we got for our family xmas photo this year…the table!   I haven't even looked at all the photos yet, but this one has a face for everyone and even Maple with her new christmas sweater,,,,and before all the candles burned down  or started a fire,.   Dil A thought it was funny to take this "classic" in the extra. Our poppers had numbered musical little whistles in them with music of the numbers and a wand to point so we practiced lots of tunes… Jingle Bells came out pretty well.  Some were hilarious and not recognisable.   More practice.    The books turned out OK , but not as I thought   The 16 year old was the most interested and the 8 year old the least.   But everyone young and old got a new book to take home.   the most popular ?  Einstein..On a beam of light.
Lots of good food arrived.  I made the last Swedish meatballs...ever. 
Catching a cold.,....Now I have to fall in bed....

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