Wigilia sunset

The day has been beautiful. Cold, frosty, bright, clear, sunny and did I say really, really cold. No snow but that aside perfect festive weather.

The sun is setting now to the west over the higher mountains. Here it is with gradations of colour in the sky.

For the first time in many years we are not having a big Christmas Eve (and latterly Wigilia, Polish Christmas) celebration. This means that instead of frantically rushing around making fish pie, mince pies, sipping a Tio Pepe while listening to the lessons and carols on the radio I'm sitting having a cup of tea. Given the lack of sleep last night with a needy puppy this is a very good thing. But I will crank myself up soon as there will be fish pie tonight for three, rather than 10, 11 or 12, there is still baking to be done and before we eat we'll be out to walk round all the lit advent windows.

This will be the first Christmas since 1978 that Cameraman and I will wake up in our own home just the two of us. From 1979 onwards we were either away (only occasionally) or we had children and often other visitors staying too. If it were only Cameraman, Otter and me we could have a lazy morning tomorrow before our visitors arrive but with puppy Flora lazy mornings are on hold just now.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas Eve, an enjoyable Wigilia or whatever you do or don't do to mark the date. And if you've left a dram and a mince pie out I hope Santa finds you.

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