By Topsyturvy


The mist rolled away from us downhill into the valley to clear by midday, but gave this wonderful scene earlier.

A gentle day, pottering with a couple of food preps for tomorrow but nothing strenuous, and a game of Monopoly (I timed it - took 3 hours!) in which LH was Disgusted of Shropshire and LD was Smug of Staffordshire. I was middling, as usual, but at least I didn't come last!

We listened to Carols from Kings as we played and I thought of so many past Christmases, singing these timeless carols. They are so familiar and emotive. I remembered people from way back then, and Mum particularly; one was played at her funeral as she loved it so very much.

Now time to have a bit of bubbly and a few munchies, sit by the fire and enjoy some quiet(er) time :-)

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