A chimney challenge for Father Christmas

After a mid-morning trip to the doctor with Mummy hazelh, we visited the village of Bardon Mill. Here we enjoyed coffee/tea and mince pies/tiffin, then wandered around the outdoors display at the Errington Reay pottery. My blip is of the pottery chimney. I wonder if Father Christmas will be paying this chimney a visit tonight?

We committed some time ago to spend Christmas Day at home in Edinburgh with Katharine, Jack and Jon. So Mummy hazelh dropped us off at Hexham station just after midday for our two trains north (again). It's been a beautiful day so the views along the route were fabulous.

My not-so-little sister is now looking after our mother. The two of them will be driving to Holy Island tomorrow to spend Christmas Day with the rest of my immediate family: our middle sister, our brother-in-law, our nephew and niece - plus our nephew's girlfriend.

I'm now hopeful that I will get sufficient rest at home over the course of the rest of the week, (finally) shake off my cough and cold, and stop sounding like a Dalek with a sore throat.

Exercise today: walking (10,850 steps).

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