Happy Christmas

My start to the day got very hectic, when my dad rang and said that he had a stomach bug and couldn't come to my sister's for Christmas Eve. 

I got up and ready within 20 mins to get to Næstved and back to collect Christmas presents  before 10 am, when I had to be at work. 

I had breakfast with the staff at work and then continued to Helle's, where Helle and I trained all of the dogs. I then drove up North to my sister's.

Andreas - my oldest nephew - and I took my boys and Amy the Pug for a walk and when we came back, my sister had coffee and sweets ready for us. 

We had a lovely family time and then it was time for presents. I had ordered a Photo Book with pictures of Amy and the story about our trip to Sweden to collect her for each of my nephews. It was lovely. The entire family gathered in the sofa and Marcus - my youngest nephew - read the book out loud for us. There is a picture in the extra.

Christmas dinner - I am so full! Time for dessert now...

We talked to my dad on the phone and luckily he's feeling better, but of course he's tired and will have an early night.

Oh and we do have a White Christmas. It's not a lot of snow, but we do have a small layer. 

Happy Christmas all
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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