By strawhouse


This hat has been perched on this fence for the two years I've been walking Archie in that field. It's getting more and more battered but still seems in remarkably good nick!
Miss L had a trumpet concert at school this afternoon. They've been having lessons for this half term and today was the day to show off their skills.
After dreading the violin concert last term and being very pleasantly surprised I was quite looking forward to the trumpets.
Until Miss L told me this morning it was really difficult and they weren't very good.
So I was back to dreading it!!!
I picked Nana up from the bus stop and we headed to school in good time for tea and mince pies before the performance.
It was actually really good! Like the violin teacher the trumpet man had loads of good ideas and techniques to get them to play and read the music and leave pauses etc. It was fab!!!
Not that I'll be rushing out to buy Miss L a trumpet!

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