Christmas Day

A nice & fairly relaxed Christmas Day spent at home today. The only time I went out the house was to put rubbish in the bin. I decided to take a photo of the tree with Prezzies under the tree and then the extra shows the over flow as there was not a lot of room under the tree. A lovely day spent with Julie and the 2 boys. Felling rather full up on Christmas dinner. We had a n enjoyable evening last night in the end . We had planned to go to the Tipi in town but we arrived there to find it was hut for some reason . We then went to a couple  of pubs in town rather packed and loud with people try yo have conversations in large groups so that the rest of the pub could hear them . We ended up in our local to finish the evening off where the landlord treated us both to a drink.
Hope you all had a lovely day and got some lovely gifts , I know I did a lovely winter coat , a top , books and quite a few other bits which did include a photo ball which I will look forward to hopefully getting some good shots to share with you all.

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