By Viewpoint

Worsbrough Dam Walk

Late morning walk around Worsbrough Dam this morning.  It’s flat, not too far round and this morning there were lots of cheery people wishing everyone good morning.  It’s not as misty as it looks here as this was taken straight into the sun, but there was enough mist to provide some soft diffusion to the light.

Lots to see today, mainly gulls and mallard on the water but I think I spotted a couple of grebe in the middle of the lake.  Someone had been out with bird seed, so there were lots of birds around including the usual robins and also a nuthatch.  I’ve also learnt to identify a different (for me) winter tree as we spotted the purple catkins of the alder trees that line the stream bed on one side of the reservoir.

I’ve been re-reading David du Chemin’s chapter on Stories (and photography) and think his idea of presenting between 8 and 12 images that together tell a story would be a good one to share with the camera club.  I’ve probably got enough images to do that from this morning.  I also had the constraint (or benefit) of using the 100-300mm lens on my Micro 4/3 camera.  So that might be something else to suggest.

I’m now cooking our meal so need to go and finish off shortly.  It’s working out a bit sooner than I’d originally thought.

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