Grieving and furious

That's Sylvia Dollarson on the right, Donna Hayes' mother. Because Donna is currently in a care facility, she asked me to take her mother downtown today to support Letha Winston, left, the mother of Patrick Kimmons, killed by police on September 30 this year. Both women are speaking out publicly to demand police accountability. They are furious that Portland Police have less-lethal ammunition available to them, and they can capture white mass murderers alive, but when they are chasing black men for any reason, they use lethal ammunition, and as a result their child and great-grandchild are dead. "Why didn't they use their tasers?" Letha asks. "My son was running away and they shot twelve times, leaving nine bullets in his back. How is a man a threat to police when he's running away from them?" Letha handed the microphone to Sylvia, who added, "How was Moose a threat to police? He was on his knees with his hands in the air when they shot him in the head. It was an execution, plain and simple." 

I have posted about this situation numerous times, so I'm turning comments off at the moment. I think Sue's chicken soup worked magic on my cold. I'm much better today. Thanks for your kind comments and concerns.

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