Landmark! marks my 2000th Blip.

It is a most inauspicious day for it: a rather trying visit to the parents and then later tonight, back to work after the "festivities"! Brian fetched me back, since he's off and I have work tonight and I attempted to take photos of sheep on the way home. The light was really good, but not from the only vantage point accessible to me... Certainly not the kind of shots to mark my 2000th blip!

So in the absence of a really special shot, I've gone for something very basic and to the point, and fancied it up a bit with heat-mapping and colour inversion!

The shop has been shut since Christmas Eve, and the boss did not put up a sign with official open/closed dates on. On my way to the station I was stopped by 3 customers, asking what was happening. One even said he'd heard a rumour that we were closed because we are the subject of a police investigation! Ha!

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