A latish start to the day today, then a trip to Tesco for a top-up shop to get through the rest of the week. After that, we went for lunch at Morrison's cafe and then for a wander around Hartsholme Park for me to find a blip

I took a few shots, but I like this one of branches in the lake the best.

In Morrisons, they have gone automated for ordering food, and there were none of the required plastic table numbers available. I asked the girl on the counter for some and she gave me a big pile of slippery pieces of plastic to put by the ordering screens. Being slippery plastic they shot out of my hand and over the floor! I swore loudly!

Then the coffee machine was out of milk.I and another customer asked for the machine to be topped up, and the counter girl asked us if we were sure we hadn't used the machine with a big Out of Order notice on it. Errr...no! Then she suggested we went and had another try...As we turned to do so, we were joined by another family, also having an issue with the machine. She reluctantly admitted that there must be a problem with the machine, and asked another member of staff to top it up. She said No to begin with, but did do it fortunately! 

At least when we did eventually get our food and drinks they were good. But they are cutting every corner there - it's not the staff's fault really. They have the automated system, and the staff they have are mostly cheaper under 25 year olds, with as few of them  on duty as they can get away with!

In now, and the calm before the storm of tomorrow when the shit tsunami that is my normal life resumes!

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