If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Another day another park.

After a day inside )I almost said a quiet day inside) yesterday, we were off looking for more activity.  Graves park was the destination this time.  Unfortunately the small animal enclosure was closed, I suppose the staff are entitled to holidays like anybody else.  So after a look at the larger animals - Red deer. pigs etc we headed for the playground.

After a while we left Auntie K & Uncle G supervising while the older generation popped into the café for a sit and a Latte.  When ArcaneSpark returned from her errands she took over the kids allowing KKK & G to join us.

The blip is Emily on a swing caught just as Uncle G's hand is going to push the swing.  Being on the swing is generally accompanied by requests for "higher" or "faster" much to Clickychick's concern.

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