If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

T'owd Lad

Our last day in Sheffield and we were heading home after lunch.  We took the Grandchildren to Millhouses Park with ArcaneSpark, Katkatkat,Kanyl and Greig.   As well as the childrens play things our wander took us along to the outdoor gym.

The kids wanted to try the machines so the adults sat them on things and moved the equipment.  This grew to the adults having a go themselves.  Kanyl is older than me (by an unspecified number of years) and not too good on his legs Partly owing to his early athletic life and his physical occupation.  Could we keep him off the equipment?  To be blunt "could we heck as like.".

The run home after lunch was remarkably trouble free.  More so for me as G did all the driving.

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