Rusty and his stick

Claire had headed of to do family things in town leaving Rusty with us so after a quick breakfast we were out for a walk. Rusty had already had one walk, before I was even up, but he seemed happy to be having another.
We wandered down to the frozen lake and walked around on the snowy ice near the edge. Thickish ice with 10 cm of crisp snow on top of it looks fairly featureless but Rusty ran around snuffling in the snow as though it was full of scents, and even had a really good roll in the snow.
As we came away from the lake he saw the end of this stick poking from the snow. He grabbed it, tugged and wrestled with it, and finally it popped clear of the snow. Then he invited us to hold one end so he could tug and wrestle both it and us. That sideways look is the invitation. He carried it nearly half-way home before becoming distracted by another dog and leaving it by the side of the track.
Later, Claire arrived back, then more friends, and the G&T group were together once more. A delicious curry, rice, and Christmassy desserts left us all feeling well fed.
Jan also blipped Rusty and wrote about how up front a dog's feelings and needs are. If Rusty is happy you see it, if he's a little nervous he lets you know, if he wants strokes he sticks his head onto your knee and/or nudges you.  Which makes looking after Rusty a very happy experience.

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