Ghost Image

The Lumix TZ100 has a nifty feature for photographing landscapes with a lot of contrast. It takes a burst of photos with slightly different settings and put them together to create a sort of simple HDR picture. This is good with landscapes where nothing is happening but when there's some action in the picture it sometimes produces strange results like this one. Usually when I hear that multiple click as I take an action shot I just discard it, and try again, but this one seemed worth keeping.
Rusty has a stick and Jan has just thrown another so of he goes to fetch it. His record today was coming back with three sticks in his mouth.
Today we were running around on the ice too. We were absolutely sure it was safe because it's been frozen for at least a month and there's been some cold weather. Yesterday we saw a local wandering about on the lake, drilling holes every few metres to fish through. He stayed dry so we took that as confirmation!
The picture was taken 10 minutes after the solar noon so this is as high as our sun gets just now.

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