Iridescence lenticular wave polar stratospheric...

I'm not really sure what sort of clouds these are so I covered all possible types in my title.
They are definitely iridescent and definitely lenticular wave clouds because you can see the colours, and on the right the turbulence as the wave breaks up.  We tend to see them in winter, a while after sundown as it darkens slightly on the ground but the sun is still on the clouds high in the sky.  But are they high enough to be polar stratospheric clouds?
In any case they are spectacular, beautiful and relatively short-lived.
We saw them as we walked back alongside our nearest lake, looking across the lake to the west, towards the sun which set around 30 minutes ago.
This one was fairly steady but another one above it was coming and going (see  extra).
I'm putting up today's and yesterday's blip this evening, 'cause we were too busy entertaining to blip yesterday!

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