I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday .....

.... Sparklers!

One of the effects that this new camera has is called "glittering illuminations" and I thought that perfect for today's Abstract Thursday challenge!

Nearby the house there is a creek that the ducks like to hangout.  This afternoon I took the short drive over there to check out the glittering illuminations effect.  And then later on our way home from supper I played around with it again taking pictures of the outdoor Christmas lights.  

Funny though .... there is the ability to shoot RAW with this camera and I did that.  However, when I uploaded the RAW format pictures to Photoshop the star effect disappeared!! Crazy!  I had to open the Jpeg format picture into Photoshop as RAW in order for to keep star effect you see in the main picture.  The extra was taken with this star effect and the RAW processed in Photoshop .... you can see that the star effect is gone!

As usual .... I'm backblipping this late.  I really hope to catch up with all of you someday soon! 

Just another reminder .... Jan 1 Tiny Tuesday theme is open! 

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